Clever Browser Extension Shows Potential Match With Every New Tab


New dating services are ten-a-penny these days, as companies strive to find the hot new way to connect singles.

With most of these new ideas built for mobile, it’s rare you see a genuinely new, and exciting desktop idea in dating.

Tab Dating is one such idea, bringing new singles to your attention by incorporating it into an existing daily routine.

UK-based Tab is a Chrome extension that shows you a match every time you open a new tab.

The extension runs in the background of the browser, showing you a potential partner with each new tab, and if you are interested you click the heart button.

Like Tinder, if both users of Tab like one another, they are put in touch.

Speaking about the desktop dating experience, the co-founder of Tab Dating, Shib Hussain, wrote in a Medium post: “In a world where ‘frictionless experiences’ are increasingly becoming the norm, the desktop experience across the board is far from that. Especially in the world of dating. You only need to look as far as the market leaders to see they don’t offer a great experience.”


Hussain says Tinder changed all that for mobile, but no one has done the same for desktop.

Tab wants to accomplish that by bringing the ease of Tinder to desktop, but without making its users sign in every time they want to browse potential matches.

He said: “Imagine you could bump into the love of your life on any corner of the internet – just like in real life. That’s the thought that started Tab.

“In real life most of us don’t switch from ‘now looking’ to ‘now not looking’ for that perfect person. You might bump into them right after reading this post.”

Interestingly, Hussain said on ProductHunt that Tab will use browser history to match up people.

They believe this will be give better interest data than the declared behaviours most dating sites ask people in input.

The company launched their beta test in the UK, and plan to release the full extension later this year.

Sign up to Tab Dating here.

Simon Edmunds

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