Mitro Access Gives Temporary Access To Profiles


Mitro Access is a new software that lets you share access to your online accounts with a third party, by sending a link rather than sharing your password.

The link will give that person access to your account, which will expire in seven days, or when you revoke it.

The software’s creators, who previously worked for Google, said: “It is ideal for sharing accounts with co-workers, contractors, or friends without sharing your password”.

To use it, you give Mitro Access your log in credentials, which are exchanged for session cookies with the original site.

Mitro Access then generates a link to share with others who will get temporary and restricted access to your account.

Links can be revoked at the user’s discretion.

Mitro Access can be used on various websites like WordPress, Twitter, eBay and OkCupid.

With online dating, the software can be used to give someone access to an account so they can edit a profile, but not send messages.

Mitro Access CEO, Vijay Pandurangan, spoke to ABC News about its use for online dating:

“I love to have other people help me look at my profile and star people, but I’m of two different minds.

“Having other people message people for me seems too far, but it would be great to have someone make suggestions.

“Being able to enforce that [with Mitro] is really interesting.”

Mitro started as a password manager for businesses and has now expanded its services for individuals.

Pandurangan said: “Our belief is that improving password security and the ability for individuals to share access to critical accounts is something that is really important”.

Visit the Mitro Access site, go here.

Simon Edmunds

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