US Relationship Coach Donna Barnes Launches Site

US celebrity relationship coach Donna Barnes has launched her own White Label Dating-powered site.

Donna Barnes is an author and TV personality who appears as a relationship expert on networks like ABC, FOX and CNN.

She said: “In my line of work, I see first-hand the benefits of online dating. I am so pleased I can now offer a tailored outlet for my followers to practice the advice that I give. The support I’ve had from White Label Dating in the process has been excellent, with the site being created in less than a week’s time.”

White Label Dating will manage the the general running of the website, such as payments and customer care, while Donna’s team will do the site’s marketing, promoting it on TV, social media and her own website.

The partnership is part of White Label Dating’s big US push this year – having recently set up an office in San Francisco.

In March they partnered with Californian radio network RES, which operates a number of stations in Sonoma County.

Glenn Millar, VP Sales and Marketing at White Label Dating, said: “Donna Barnes setting up a site with White Label Dating just makes sense.

“Being so heavily involved in the dating industry and having such a large group of followers means she can use the site to build on her already reputable brand. 

“Other partners have succeeded with no prior industry experience, so with Donna’s background and knowledge, she has a great platform on which to begin.”

Donna’s site was launched on 2nd June, see it here.