Channel 4 Documentary ‘Love At First Swipe’ Coming To British TV

Channel 4

A new dating show on Channel 4 called Love At First Swipe is on its way to British television screens.

The broadcaster commissioned Rize USA to make the documentary, which looks “at the digital dating phenomenon that has taken the UK by storm.”

Rize USA is a London and LA-based production commpany, who have produced series such as High School Moms, A Very British Wedding, The Girl Who Became Three Boys and The Alps Murders.

Their latest venture will “explore the world of online dating apps with jaw-dropping stories that capture the funny, heart-warming and sometimes hazardous moments that make up the modern dating world.”

Emma Cooper, Commissioning Editor at Channel 4 said: “The Cutting Edge strand is the perfect place to reflect the changes in all our lives from the huge explosion of apps helping us to make connections with people that were impossible before. This film take a bold look at how looking for love has changed forever.’

The 60 minute documentary is coming soon, and Love At First Swipe is a working title.

On the Channel 4 website, they are looking for online dating users to share their stories of finding love in the digital age.