Match Make 3D Mannequins Of Two Members For London Shop Window

guy candy have printed out 3D models of two male bachelors and put them in a London shop window to help them find a date.

The models are displayed in the window of “Guy Candy”, on Bethnal Green Road in London.

The project took 3 weeks, with the two men, Keron Knight, 26, and Michael Catuogno, 33, being scanned by over 40 DLSR cameras and then recreated in 3D by the iMakr software.

It took five people to put their bodies together and paint their skin tones correctly.

The online daters’ models will be displayed until Friday, and include a link to their profile.

Knight said:

“Seeing my doppelganger was bizarre, but brilliant. I feel extremely positive about this experience and hopefully the perfect date is just a few mouse clicks away.”

The PR stunt was to promote’s new “Boost” feature, which lets you pay to increase the visibility of your profile .

Keron and Michael’s mannequins will be visible until tomorrow.

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