Dating Expert Reveals Danger Of Pay-Per-Letter Scams In New Book


A new book is working to make men aware of the potential dangers of entering into fake online relationships with Eastern European women.

Released yesterday, “Stop Wasting Money On Dating Russian, Ukrainian Women” provides key examples of some of the typical scenarios that men could potentially find themselves in when dating women from the states of the former USSR.

The book’s author, Russian-born life coach Elena Petrova, draws on her own experience as a former “mail order bride” to show just how easy it is for vulnerable men to be scammed when conversing with Russian and Ukrainian girls online.

Petrova, who now lives in Australia, believes that this book will help men learn “simple and quick” ways on how to shield themselves from falling victim, by listing the common tricks used by some Eastern European women to entice men.

Speaking about some of these issues, Petrova said: “Dealing with challenging situations is easier when you know what to expect.

“Unfortunately, many men think that Russia and Ukraine are some kind of backward countries where people don’t speak English or have limited Internet access.

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“In fact, one of the biggest problems in these countries is the same as in the USA, European Union, or Australia: People, especially kids, spend too much time online.”

Petrova estimates that over 80% of the money that men spend on dating and courtship in relationships with Russian and Ukrainian women could be wasted.

According to Petrova, this “needless” spending includes translation fees by pay-per-message websites, which could total thousands of dollars.

She added: “Many western men are unaware of the facts. For example, Russian and Ukrainian pupils study English for at least 6 years at school but pay-per-message dating sites claim that women don’t speak the language, asking $2-5 per letter in translation fees.

“By doing this, they manage to extract millions of dollars every year, which are a total waste for the men who are simply uninformed of the specifics.”

Throughout the book, she also lists key information about dating women from former USSR countries, such as the costs of living, salaries, and the “potential pitfalls” that men may encounter.

The eBook is priced at USD $9.95 and can be downloaded here.