SNAP Interactive Diversify Acquisition Channels

Snap Interactive

SNAP Interactive’s subscriber increase has been driven by a diversification of their marketing and advertising channels.

The dating site developer and owner of set an objective in early 2014 to diversify away from their main Facebook-based acquisition strategy.

They said the percentage of new users acquired from ads placed on sources other than Facebook increased from 43% in March 2014, to 72% in June 2014.

SNAP also said the number of users acquired from applications – such as their iPhone and Android apps – increased from 35% in March 2014, to 62% in June 2014.

Alex Harrington, SNAP Interactive’s COO – who was recently added to their board of directors – said:

“The Facebook Platform was a key source of the Company’s early success, and we believe it will continue to be an important part of our business into the future. 

“However, with AYI’s presence on multiple platforms, we are able to diversify our application usage and marketing efforts to reduce the Company’s exposure to any single platform.”

The company saw a 24% year-to-date growth in active subscribers through May 30, 2014.

In a recent shareholder presentation they revealed that the company’s revenue growth in Q1 2014 has been powered by mobile — which has doubled user activity over the last year.

This year they also renewed a partnership with, designed to drive subscriptions to the IAC-owned site, which contributed $300k in advertising revenue over a 90 day period.