Project Fixup Is Hand-Picked Online Matchmaker


Project Fixup is a new online dating site for singles who want to “meet people and not profiles”.

The site combines online dating technology with traditional matchmaking practices.

The company, who came out of Chicago Techstars, said:

“Research has shown that there’s no magic algorithm to predict compatibility and back and forth messaging, while occasionally entertaining, is also time consuming and inefficient. 

“We are bringing the human element back into dating by helping people connect the right way – by meeting in person and seeing if there’s a spark.”

Once you sign up, you have to create a traditional online profile with your picture, your likes and dislikes.

You also have to answer to a questionnaire about your interests, activities and beliefs.

The difference between Project Fixup and other online dating sites is that the answers to the quiz are then studied by a human matchmaker.

These “fixup specialists” are not professionals, but they seek to find the best match for each member, according to their preferences.

Users also have to update their calendar, to let the specialists know when they are free.

When you get a match, they will email you with a small summary about your match.

If both users approve their match, the “fixup specialists” find the suitable time and place for the date.

Project Fixup selects the best venues in your city for the dates arranged.

As they say, “We do all the work. You just say yes.”

Signing up and completing the questionnaire is free of charge, but there is a fixup fee of $20 once you and your match confirm a proposed fixup.

The fee applies only when both parties agree to meet.

There is also an “awesomeness guarantee”, which gives you your money back for a fixup you didn’t find worthwhile.

For more information visit their site here.

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