SNAP Will Promote Zoosk on


After last year’s partnership with, Snap Interactive have formed a new advertising relationship with Zoosk.

The acquisition agreement between the two public companies will start tomorrow.

The partnership will last for 90 days, and will promote Zoosk on Snap Interactive’s brand.

Zoosk have agreed to pay Snap $500,000 as an advance, in two instalments.

If the amount of revenue Zoosk get from the promotion is less than this amount, Snap will have to refund the unearned portion.

Snap CEO Clifford Lerner said: “We were pleased to continue to grow our subscriber base despite lower advertising and marketing expense compared to Q1.

“We’re also very excited to report a new advertising relationship with Our agreement gives us an opportunity to earn incremental advertising revenue.”

At the end of last year, Snap formed a partnership with Match to drive subscriptions to the IAC-owned site.

This was in the form of two tabs at the top of the site, Intros and Deals – which both took users to to see more singles.

Snap made $300k in revenue, over the initial 90 day period, from this partnership.

The partnership began in December, and was renewed this May.