Dating Factory Has Been Acquired By Investment Firm Agile Wings


One of the world’s biggest white label dating providers, Dating Factory, has been acquired by internet investment firm Agile Wings.

The incubator firm today announced it has bought out all the shareholders of Dating Factory for an undisclosed sum.

The joint announcement today comes from Sven Breunig of Agile Wings and Tanya Fathers, the CEO and co-founder of Dating Factory.

Fathers said: “We are really excited to be acquired by Agile Wings, as they are the ones that can take Dating Factory to the number one position in the industry.”

Dating Factory is a provider of multi-lingual private label dating services, with a home base in Switzerland to oversee operations across Europe and USA, serving over 20,000 partners worldwide.

Sven Breunig from Agile Wings said: “From today on, Dating Factory will gain access to the more than 10 years of knowledge from our other dating ventures, which have been highly successful and have seen tremendous growth in the last years.

“The optimizations we have planned for Dating Factory will soon have a very positive effect on the baseline of their current customers and partners.”

Agile Wings also said it has “extensive expertise” in English-speaking markets, and says it will be using this knowledge to push Dating Factory into these markets.

Breunig said: “Dating Factory will have a real opportunity to become the largest white and private label dating provider on the market.”

With this move, Dating Factory’s CEO and COO, Tanya Fathers and Lisa Moskotova, will continue in their current positions.

Breunig said the continuity in Dating Factory’s top management was “critically important for the foreseeable future of the business”.

Agile Wings is a fast growing internet investment and incubator firm specialising in performance optimisation and email marketing, that has seen huge growth by applying its expertise to a variety of online businesses.

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