Lawsuit Says Tinder Is ‘Ripping People Off’ With Tinder Plus


A class action complaint is being filed against the popular dating app Tinder, claiming it’s ripping people off.

“They did not get the disclosure in the contractual provisions that they should’ve,” said Attorney Abbas Kazerounian, who claims the company is violating California law by forcing users of its upgraded version, Tinder Plus, into paying for an entire trial period even if they cancel halfway through.

Kazerounian said: “Contracts have to have a certain clause within them that give you a 5-day window to get out of the contract if you want to and furthermore, if you want to cancel the contract midway through a month.

“Let’s say you only pay the prorated for the days that you use until you want to cancel but you don’t have to pay for a whole month, which Tinder under its current terms and conditions mandates you to do.”

But the alleged rip-off only amounts to just a few bucks per person.

“It is a small amount of money for one individual but this is a class action so, the cumulative over the last 4 years, all those people in California that have cancelled within a month and being charged for that difference, it adds up to a lot of money which we believe is about 5 million dollars,” the attorney said.

Tinder’s parent company IAC has yet to respond to the complaint.

Simon Edmunds

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