Man Demands Refund For £3.50 Coffee Bought On Failed Tinder Date


A woman was recently left stunned after a man insisted she reimburse him for a coffee he bought her on a Tinder date.

Last week, London-based blogger Lauren Crouch went on a coffee date with a man she had met on dating app Tinder.

After realising that there was no spark between the two of them, Lauren politely declined his offer of dinner at his place.

And after she turned down his second attempt for another date, explaining that she felt no spark between them, he proceeded to request a refund for the £3.50 coffee he had bought her earlier that day.


Shocked by his request, Crouch offered to donate the money to a charity of his own choice, even bumping the amount up to £5.00 and suggesting options for charities.

She told him: “It’s a shame you consider a date to be a waste when it doesn’t end on your terms.

“How about I donate £3.50 to a charity of your choice to give you a chance to regain some decorum? I can even bump it up to £5 to cover your bus journey too if you’d like?

“Might I be so bold as to suggest the Royal British Legion as it was Armistice Day yesterday”.

Her date continued to decline, replying “I’d like to decide myself what to do with my money”, and sending over his bank details.


The 28-year-old blogger posted her story on her “No Bad Dates, Just Good Stories” Tumblr page, and has received a huge following on social media.

Over the past week, people have been sharing their similar date experiences and thoughts online, using the hashtag #OcadoandChill.

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