Participants Wanted For Channel 4 Documentary ‘The Love Project’

Channel 4

CPL Productions are looking for participants for a documentary series called The Love Project, that will air on Channel 4.

Here is the press release:

“The Love Project is a ground breaking social experiment looking at the nature of love, compatibility and marriage, which will be filmed for a Channel 4 expert-led documentary series. The starting point for the series is that as a nation we are not very good at finding love and keeping hold of it. The number of marriages has fallen to an historic low and the number of singles is at an historic high, topping 15 million.

The series intends to examine whether different scientific approaches to matchmaking can be combined to help create strong long term matches. In this experiment single people will be matched with their ideal partner from within our matching pool, and the top three most compatible couples will get married. They will then be filmed for the first 6 weeks of their relationship. This experiment has never been done before in the UK, and is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to potentially find your perfect partner.

Each of the participants will be carefully matched by a panel of experts in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, social & evolutionary anthropology and theology in the hope that their combined professional experience can create a ‘perfect’ match. The experts carry out and independently validate a number of different tests including DNA, attraction and IQ amongst others in order to create matches.

The purpose of the marriage without first meeting is to get rid of all the superficiality that comes with dating where it’s easy to become side-tracked by minor details and completely overlook someone who may in fact be perfect for you.

We are looking to contact people in London who are looking to find love, feel ready for marriage, and who are brave enough to let our experts find them their ideal match.”

If any dating sites are interested in being involved, contact Vik Patel here:

Here is a link to the Channel 4 application page.


Simon Edmunds

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