Google Hiring SEO Expert To Improve Own Rankings…On Google

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Google is now recruiting an SEO expert to improve its own rankings on the search engine.

The company added the (very) ironic job listing for a “Program Manager: Search Engine Optimisation” to its careers portal two days ago.

According to the description, the manager will be responsible for driving “organic traffic and business growth”, working alongside Google’s marketing, sales and production departments.

The selected candidate will: “Keep pace with SEO, search engine and internet marketing industry trends and developments and report changes as needed.”

The manager will be required to create, develop and maintain “engaging and informative sites for a worldwide audience” and ensure the web code is kept up to date, providing quality content and efficiency.

A few people have wondered whether the listing is simply to counter people who think Google’s own search practices are shady, or maybe the company is just having a little fun.

Google has attached a list of qualification requirements to the listing.

Applicants must have BA/BS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent practical experience, two years experience in SEO and “excellent problem solving and analytical skills with the ability to dig extensively into metrics and analytic.”

Applicants must also have:

  • Experience with Google App Engine, Google Custom Search, Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics and experience creating and maintaining project schedules using project management systems.
  • Experience working with back-end SEO elements such as .htaccess, robots.txt, metadata and site speed optimization to optimize website performance.
  • Experience in quantifying marketing impact and SEO performance and strong understanding of technical SEO (sitemaps, crawl budget, canonicalization, etc.).
  • Knowledge of one or more of the following: Java, C/C++, or Python
  • 4 years of experience developing websites and applications with SQL, HTML5, and XML.

Check out the full job listing here.