Digital Tasks Like Setting Up Dating Profiles Are New Chores For Kids


Technical tasks are fast replacing traditional chores in British households, new research from Barclays has revealed.

The survey completed by 2,000 people found that half of UK parents ask their children to help with digital chores in exchange for pocket money.

Typical household chores have been swapped for tasks like helping to set up a new mobile phone, recording TV shows and creating online dating profiles.

Barclays also found that a third of children were paid to help their grandparents with technical tasks, with half of parents admitting they have paid their tech-savvy children up to £20 for one chore.

But while the rate of digital chores increases, parents’ preferred method of payment has largely stayed the same.

The research revealed that seven in 10 parents still give their children pocket money in cash, with only 19% using mobile payment applications or direct debits.

The bank has just released a mobile banking app for 11 to 15-year-olds, which it hopes will help teenagers manage their finances.

The new app is available for iOS and Android devices.