Singapore App Lets Couples Track Their Significant Other’s Location


LoveByte, the mobile app that is a “private space” for couples, has just launched a feature that gives users real time information about their partners.

The Singapore-based app’s new “Partner Status” feature uses enhanced location technology to give couples access to a more in-depth overview of the whereabouts of their partner.

Once given permission by their partner, the feature lets users view information like their significant other’s phone battery level, their current location, along with the local time and weather where they are.

To use the feature, members must ensure that the GPS on their device is switched on and that LoveByte is allowed to access their GPS location.

They are also required to enable location sharing within the app itself, which is only activated when users are active on the app.

LoveByte partner status feature

They can also dictate when they want to share their status with their partner, and have the ability to turn the feature off at any time.

The founder of LoveByte, Steve Sng, commented on the new release, saying: “Partner Status is a great feature that is intended to provide convenience, for added safety and peace of mind between loving couples.”

According to the company, the feature can also improve the safety of users, by letting their other half know where they are, which can be particularly helpful when someone is working late or travelling alone.

It is also considered a useful tool for couples in long-distance relationships, as it helps individuals keep up to date with their partner’s timezone.

Download LoveByte for iOS here.