Swyft Media Announce Host Of New Mobile Ad Units

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Recent research has confirmed mobile messaging is the fastest growing online behaviour in society over the past five years.

With 2.5bn registered users today, and a further 1.1bn new users expected by 2018, the industry is preparing for a continued surge in growth.

And to help brands make effective use of the messaging space, Swyft Media has announced a new suite of mobile ad units, that will give brands and advertisers access to a host of new branded content features.

Each of the new offerings have been designed to help brands engage with typical users of social and messaging apps, millennials and young consumers.

Among the new options are emojis, stickers, GIFs, photo frames, photo filters, videos and chat pages, which can be selected by companies based on the style of ad they wish to distribute.

Co-founder and vice president at Swyft Media Evan Wray said: “Banners and interstitials are becoming outdated, ineffective and a hard to measure means of advertising — especially when they are targeted at millennial and Gen-Z consumers.

“With our innovative ad units, we’ve taken a model that advertisers and brands are comfortable with and provided them with a simple, scalable and measurable way to deploy campaigns across the world’s most popular mobile messaging and social apps, with branded content that young consumers want and are eager to share with friends.Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 09.13.19“We’re building on the success of the hundreds of emoji and digital sticker initiatives we’ve executed for brands and are expanding that ecosystem and enabling them to reach captive, engaged, young consumers in meaningful ways with new forms of branded visual communication.”

The new mobile ad units are available as part of the company’s Swyft Mobile Engagement Platform, to help advertisers create mobile experiences fitting for their brand.

They are available under three categories: Audience Engagement Packs, Brand Accounts and Brand Keyboard.

Brands can select the category most fitting to their advertising plans, helping them to direct their ads to the correct audience on the best platforms, that “would otherwise not be open to advertisements or traditional (banner, interstitial) advertising units.”

Swyft has said its Mobile Engagement Platform reaches one billion monthly active users.

The company also told GDI that from a trend perspective, it often sees the branded gifts being used on dating apps to break the ice of at the beginning of a conversation.

On messaging apps, these branded gifts are typically used later on in conversations between friends.

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