Global Personals Partners with Scamalytics

Global Personals

Global Personals have partnered with Scamalytics, to continue their fight against scammers.

Scamalytics offer a scammer detection software, which runs a series of tests that sifts through a company’s database, weeding out fraudulent profiles.

This feedback goes into a scammer blacklist and model, which can be shared between dating sites.

The partnership began in January and Scamalytics now processes up to 100 pieces of information from the Global Personals database every second. 

Bill Richards, General Manager at Global Personals, who heads up the customer and fraud division, said:

“Our partnership with Scamalytics, and their work with selected bodies in the dating industry, signifies the beginning of a co-operative defence against scammers. 

“In presenting a unified front, we are opposing these cyber criminals with a serious preventative weapon against online fraud.”

Since October, Scamalytics has taken on board the techniques used by the 30 Global Personals anti-fraud moderators to spot scammers.

These methods, which include recognising suspicious language traits, helps the software become more intelligent.

Richards said: “It’s important to remember that the software still needs to learn these behaviours from a human team. 

“When software and human mind are combined, we have an iron-cast solution to minimising online fraud.”

Scamalytics recognises things like discrepancies between IP address and location and remembers fraudulent email addresses.

Global Personals say the partnership will reduce chargebacks, stop partners having to refund false revenues, and help stop scammers using stolen credit cards on the network.

Read Bill Richard’s guest post, Protecting Our Customers, here, to find out more about Scamalytics, go here and visit Global Personals here.