Mind the App: Spark Creates Romantic Connections On The Tube

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Have you ever spotted the potential love of your life on the Tube, but not worked up the courage to say hello before they exited the carriage?

That’s where new app Spark comes into play, which facilitates conversations between missed connections on the Tube.

Spark utilises Bluetooth Low Energy technology, which does not require signal or mobile internet to work.

This means the app works both online and offline, when users are underground.

After signing up via Facebook, singles can send one free “Spark” each day, and the message is only sent after both users have parted ways.

If they want to send another, they can buy one Spark for £0.79.

The Bluetooth technology reaches approximately 30m to pick up nearby matches, and does not drain battery life.

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The recipient then has 24 hours to respond to the message if interested, otherwise the Spark is extinguished.

Co-founders Dave Marsden and Gabriel Sharp insist that Spark is not just another hook-up app, Marsden saying: “Our sole aim for Spark is to forge more meaningful connections.

“We want each Spark to mean something when sent, which makes receiving one even more impactful.

“Conversations that aren’t active for a week will disappear, meaning that you can only continue speaking to those who’ve truly caught your interest.”

While Spark was primarily designed with the London Underground in mind, the app is available for use throughout the UK — gaining popularity in Bristol and Manchester.

Marsden said over 4,000 users signed up before launch.

And since launching on 1st March, the app has hit 10,000 downloads, with the majority – around 80% – coming from London and the surrounding areas.

Spark was initially bootstrapped by founders Marsden and Sharp, but they are now searching for funding and are in talks with a few investors after their initial traction.

Spark is now available for download on iOS, and watch their clever promo video The Moment below: