FROM THE WEB: How Zoosk Kept Workforce Engaged After Company Overhaul

zooskAt the end of 2014, Zoosk announced its two co-founders would be stepping down from executive roles, and the company was shelving plans to IPO.

After this, the San Francisco-based company cut their workforce by 15%.

Zoosk’s VP of marketing, Carol Mahoney, recently spoke about the challenges this posed with regards to motivating and engaging their workforce at the TLNT and ERE Media’s High Performance Workforce Summit.

In an article on CIO, Sharon Florentine recounts how the online dating company took steps to boost morale after employees had been laid-off and the IPO was cancelled – which many of the team said was the reason they wanted to work for Zoosk.

In San Francisco, an incredibly competitive market for hiring talent, Mahoney had to look at both employee engagement and retention.

They tried to achieve this by bringing a greater level of transparency to the company from the top down – including towards salary and compensation – and by making changes such as switching to team platform Slack, which they said improved communication, collaboration and engagement.

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