Biotech Company Uses DNA to Find Dates


A Toronto-based company has announced the launch of a test that would use cheek swabs to help find love.

The test, offered by Instant Chemistry Inc., is exclusively for the dating industry and will provide professional matchmakers with a genetic test to help match their clients.

Instant Chemistry is a biotechnology company formed in 2013 that believes scientific advances in genomics can be used in the dating industry.

The company says that decades of research shows that genetics, in particular body scent, strongly affects human sexual attraction. 

Body scent is determined by a diverse set of genes called Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA), that form part of our immune system.

Recent evidence suggests the HLA is a huge factor in attraction, and that as much as 40% of physical attraction could be determined by genes alone.

Instant Chemistry also says that partners who are more physically attracted to each other have higher fertility rates and healthier children.


The kits will be sent to the clients of matchmakers partnered with Instant Chemistry, who take the 30 second cheek swab, place it in a tube and return it in a prepaid envelope.

The biotech company is launching in Canada with matchmaking services Misty River Introductions and Camelot Introductions.

Linda Miller, CEO of Misty River Introductions, said: “My team of matchmakers are extremely excited to be part of such an innovative new tool for matching people with their life partners.

“I’m confident this scientific technology along with the traditional work of matchmaking will provide matches for our clients that more regularly result in strong physical attraction.”

Instant Chemistry, which is based on the University of Toronto’s Campus, is offering this technology to companies in North America from September 17th 2013.

Visit their website here.