These Are The Most Common Threats Used On Tinder


Last week, the UN released a report on the worrying amount of abuse and violence directed towards women online.

Such abuse unfortunately happens in the world of online dating, and there have been a number of female-friendly companies trying to stem the tide of abuse that women experience on dating services.

In the wake of the UN’s latest report, Crime Wire did a study into the most common types of abuse that women receive when using popular dating app Tinder.

The shocking data was generated by analysing the posts of Bye Felipe, an Instagram account that documents the different forms of abuse women encounter when using the app.

The analysis found that the most frequent threats women receive from male users on the app are often related to sexual violence or death threats.

The most common insults include “bitch”, “fat” and “ugly”, alongside being labelled “desperate” and “stuck up”.

The infographic also categorises the most typical reasons why women are abused on the dating app – the most popular category being personality, followed by sexuality, looks and even wealth.

See the full infographic below, or check out the original post here.


Danielle White

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