New Matchmaking App Helps Muslims Find Life Partners

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A new matchmaking app has been launched to help young Muslims find life partners who share the same cultural values.

Salaam Swipe was founded by 26 year-old Khalil Jessa, after realising that most popular dating apps do not cater suitably for Islamic cultural and spiritual values.

Launched yesterday for iOS devices, the platform provides Muslims with the opportunity to seek lifelong partners in a “halal” way.

Salaam Swipe was also created to help relieve young Muslims of the added pressure from relatives when getting to know others of the same culture.

Similarly to hookup app Tinder, the Canada-based app lets users to “swipe right” to accept, and “swipe left” to decline the profiles of other users.

It allows users to filter their searches through a number of categories, including denominations (such as Sunni and Shiite) and outlook.

The app also offers its users an “incognito mode”, sifting out any online friends or connections when searching for matches. This has been incorporated to ensure a higher level of user privacy.

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Unlike most popular matching apps, Salaam Swipe is designed to help its users find suitable marriage partners, as opposed to generating offline dates.

Speaking to Province, Jessa said: “My philosophy behind the app is to capture the diversity of the Muslim world.

“These types of swiping apps have become normalized in society and being a young Muslim, if I want to look for someone in my community, it’s really difficult.

“What we’re doing is breaking down the barriers that exist, that make it difficult for young Muslims to meet each other.”

Currently, the app is only available for Muslims living in Vancouver, but the app’s team hope to see an expansion into North America and Europe.

An Android version of the app is currently being developed.

For more information, check out its official site.

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