London Chef Charged With Murdering Four Men He Met On Grindr


A London man has been charged with murdering four young men he met on dating app Grindr.

Stephen Port, 40, is accused of poisoning the four men by giving them large quantities of the drug GHB.

The deaths happened between June 2014 and September 2015, in the early hours of the morning.

The first alleged victim was Anthony Walgate, 23, from Barnet, who was found dead outside Port’s flat in Barking last June.

Following this, two more deceased – Gabriel Kovari and Daniel Whitworth – were found in the grounds of St Margaret’s Church in Barking, in August and September last year.

The cases were then linked after the most recent death of Jack Taylor, 25, who was found in the ruins of Barking Abbey last month.

Although the deaths weren’t initially linked, after further investigation, they were referred to the major crime command and Metropolitan Police homicide division.

Speaking at the Barkingside Magistrates’ Court in East London, prosecutor Paul Nagle said: “The four deceased were contacted by Mr Port over the internet through gay websites. They were then invited back to his home in Barking.

“They were then given large amounts of a drug by the name of GHB and that caused them to die. He has then had sex with them whilst unconscious and dumped their bodies in Barking cemeteries.”

Port, a 40 year-old chef who lived in Barking, is currently in custody, before appearing at the Old Bailey tomorrow.