2013 Gawker Article Resurfaces Amid Tinder Harassment Case


A 2013 Gawker article entitled A Few Men Who Begged Me Not to Write About Themhas resurfaced in the commentary around the Tinder founders’ lawsuit against Match Group.

It details the harassment and verbal abuse of multiple female employees, and may work to corroborate Rosette Pambakian’s characterisation of Greg Blatt.

Pambakian, vice president of marketing and communications at Tinder, says Blatt groped and kissed her without consent in 2016.

The Gawker article does not name Blatt, but describes the behavior of the “CEO of a major dating site”, one which is owned by a corporation “in a glass building on the far side of town”.

The author’s LinkedIn shows a stint at IAC. Blatt headed up Match.com at the time of writing.

It says the CEO touched the legs of a female assistant and wrapped his arms around her at an office party. When confronted by the author, he responded with a torrent of verbal abuse.

The piece claims the CEO said the following: “What’s your problem?”; “You’ve always had a f***ing problem.”; “You know what you are? (…) You’re just a little f***ing c***.” [censoring by GDI]

The Verge reached out to the author for details, but did not receive a response.

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