21% of Gen Z Singles Say Memes Build Rapport

A new survey of Gen Z singles has uncovered the ‘new love languages’ that young people are using to connect. 21% of respondents said that sending memes and funny videos is a great way to build rapport with a new dating app match.

Dating app QuackQuack conducted this survey, and shared that Gen Z believe sending memes is more than just a quick laugh. Gen Z singles believe that continually sending memes demonstrates someone is interested, the Indian dating platform explained

As well as memes, a similar taste in music is also a good reason to connect with someone, said 19% of daters from India’s biggest cities. 11% of this group also said that offering to share a streaming service account is a fast way to make new friends.

16% of male daters between the ages of 22 and 28 say that loving, and hating, similar TV series can also be a good reason to connect. 14% of female daters in the same age group mentioned, “Did you watch so and so series” is the most used ice-breaker currently.

Comedy shows are preferred over films nowadays, say 24% of daters between 25-30 from India’s tier 1 cities. Laughter can be a good medicine, but also a way to gauge whether a match has a similar sense of humour and vibe to yourself.

Overall, dating today looks different to older generations. 37% of daters above 30 told QuackQuack that dating in 2023 looks very different to dating just 5 years ago. 

These over-30s said that no one asks about your favourite colour anymore. Instead, matches ask how well you have healed from your previous heartbreaks, how you carry yourself in the face of troubles, and other profound questions.

QuackQuack Founder and CEO Ravi Mittal commented “More than 35+ million chats are exchanged per month on our app, and among them, the new matches often send each other cute videos that might express the same emotions as they have for each other, memes, and we even see them discussing movies and current trends on social media”.

You can find QuackQuack’s website here.

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