Since Hinge Started Outing Non-Single Users, 450 Men Delete Accounts


Last week, Hinge introduced a clever feature that disclosed whether a user was in a relationship.

The move was a reaction to a disputed piece of research from GlobalWebIndex, that said 42% of Tinder users are in a relationship.

Tinder dismissed the research as “completely inaccurate”, but the story was used by their rivals Hinge for a new product feature and PR win.

Hinge said although only 3.6% of their users were in a relationship, it would now publish this information to their profiles.

And since the feature was introduced, the New York-based app said over 450 male users have deleted their accounts.

Hinge’s VP of marketing, Karen Fein, said in a statement: “We see a natural attrition rate week to week, but this was nearly 40% higher than normal for men.

“Women, on the other hand seemed to appreciate the news, with 26% more than normal joining.”

Hinge knows a user’s relationship status because of its integration with Facebook, and now adds whether they identify themselves as “married,” “engaged,” or “in a relationship” to their dating profile.

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