New Tool Finds Your Subreddit Soulmate

redditA new dating tool has been designed, to help Redditors find love based on their shared interests.

Created by Jari Zwart, uses information from a Redditor’s profile to match them with other users, based on the subreddits they both visit.

To use the tool, you simply authorise the dating service by logging in with a Reddit account.

Checkly then matches up users who have the most subscribed subreddits in common.

Speaking about why he created the site, Zwart said: “Most people might not notice, but your subreddit subscriptions really define who you are; they give a very brief and good overview of a person’s interests.

“With this idea in mind, I went and build this little site this weekend that matches you up with other checkly users that have similar interests (aka, subreddit subscriptions). It was really fun to work on, and I hope it’s useful to somebody!”


Reddit is a social networking and link-sharing site that allows users to upvote or down vote stories and comments based on their interest, relevance or humour.

Last month, Reddit had almost 164,000,000 unique visitors from over 212 countries.

The creator of Checkly said the tool was “made for fun in a single weekend. As with all my ‘for-fun’ projects, it’s open source as well.”

Regarding security, Zwart said: “Your data will never be used in any other way than the purpose described on this page. If you don’t trust me, you can go and run your own, but that kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it?”

For more about Checkly, click here.