Exclusive App The League Raises $2.1m

the league

The “elitist Tinder” app The League has just raised $2.1m from investors.

The San Francisco-based company launched two months ago in the west coast city, offering a tailored experience for high quality matches.

It was founded by Stanford MBA graduate Amanda Bradford, who said they currently have around 4,500 users in the city.

When we spoke to Bradford in November, she said the app seeks to create a “community of people who are looking for other like-minded, ambitious professionals”.

Bradford said the app was initially misconstrued by the press, who “sensationalised the fact that we were keeping the group curated and had a screening algorithm.”

And the app is certainly more than just an elitist Tinder, offering a clever take on mobile dating.

Part of this is with The League’s strategy – building momentum city by city, and only launching when the app has a workable user base.

And while many apps take this strategy, it works nicely in tandem with their curated element and brand based on exclusivity, as The League doesn’t accept 100% of signups, and requires both a Facebook and a used LinkedIn.

Bradford said they have another 20,000 users on a virtual waiting list in New York, London, LA and Chicago.

And they have now raised $2.1m from investors including IDG Ventures, Structure.vc and Sherpa Ventures along with from angel investors including Allen DeBevoise, Naomi Gleit, Mark Leslie, Russ Siegelmann and Peter Kelly.

The company said they will use the money for “more features, more events, more singles and more cities.”

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