Long-Lost Brother and Sister Reunited After Swiping Right On Tinder


A long-lost brother and sister have been reunited after they both swiped right on Tinder.

The siblings hadn’t seen or spoken to each other in 15 years, after their parents had a rocky divorce in 1999.

The son, Erik de Vries was taken to Belgium by his father, and daughter Josephine Egberts stayed with her mother in Breda, the Netherlands.

And when Erik, 24, moved back to the Netherlands to study, he downloaded the app and started swiping through singles.

However he had inadvertently moved within the app’s set radius where Josephine was living, and in April they matched together.

Vries told Mic: “The first time I swiped her profile I had absolutely no idea. To be honest, it hasn’t been on my mind in the past few years after Maarten, my brother, and I finished a failed search for Josephine a few years ago.”

When the two first messaged, at first it started out like any Tinder chat, Erik saying: “Our first conversation I was actually flirting with her so the conversation was very superficial.”

However the more they talked, the more details emerged that made Erik think she could be his long-lost sister, and eventually decided to ask her directly.

When their stories aligned so closely, both talking about their parents’ troubled divorce and having a long-lost brother and sister, it became clear they were siblings.

The two met for dinner, and Josephine said it was immediately obvious that she had finally found her brother, saying it was “so special to see my own blood brother again after 16 years.”

When Sjoerd Zwart from Netherlands dating review site Datingsite Kiezen heard about the story, he contacted the siblings, including Erik’s twin brother Maarten, and took their first family photo in 16 years.