SNAP Interactive Share Insight Into 2014 Growth


Snap Interactive have released their updated investor presentation for 2014.

The listed company, whose main brand is Facebook-based AreYouInterested, have shared their recent developments, performance over the past year and first quarter, and insight into how they achieved a 20% subscriber growth from year to date.

Some highlights include:

  • Revenue in Q1 2014 was $3.3m, $12.6m in 2013.
  • has 94,000 active paying subscribers.
  • The average paying subscriber, who pays $12/month, is a surprisingly high 46 years old.
  • These subscribers, and the revenue they bring, are 50% domestic, 50% international.
  • Women are 141% more likely to express interest in men that share a friend in common, men are 84% more likely.
  • They found that message reply rates correlated strongly with revenue. In less than four months, a 400% increase in message replies led to a 20% increase in average revenue per user.
  • Their revenue growth in Q1 2014 has been powered by mobile – which has doubled user activity in the last year.
  • Their partnership with Match, the renewal of which we wrote about here, contributed $300k in advertising revenue over a 90 day period.

​See the full presentation here.