How Do Adult Interests Change As Users Get Older?


For any online dating site, it’s imperative to ensure you are catering to all your users, no matter what their age.

Adult site Platform Dating recently surveyed its members, to see how their interests changed depending on their age.

The report uses data taken from, and analyses the results of 1,000 randomly selected men and women from their database, aged between 18 and 60.

Each area studied in the report is represented by a graph plotting men again women, along with a description and various points of discussion.

Areas of study include interest in: casual relationships, friendships and affairs.

Such takeaways including: more women tend to be looking for affairs around the age of 30, whereas men are generally looking to cheat more as they get older.

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Platform Dating also plotted whether its users said they were looking to connect with friends more as they grew older.


Speaking about the data, the company said: “As a member’s age increases, they may or may not change their interest levels in certain sexual activities. Interest in certain sexual activities is likely to be higher than the reported value as this information is shown publicly on member’s profiles and some members may wish to keep some data private.”

Check out the full report here.