Zoosk Launch Photo Verification Feature


Zoosk have introduced a photo verification feature on the site.

The new verification technology allows users to confirm the authenticity of their profile pictures.

To do this, they have to record a short video selfie, that captures their features from different angles.

They then upload the video – which remains private – and Zoosk’s moderators assess whether it is an accurate representation of their profile picture.

If it is, they will get a Photo Verified badge added to their profile.

Zoosk have a patent pending on this verification process.

Co-founder and CEO of Zoosk, Shayan Zadeh said:

“One of the most important concerns of online daters is going out with someone who doesn’t really resemble their profile picture.

“By innovating a system for our members to validate the accuracy of existing profile photos, we believe we can create better first-date experiences that will lead to lasting relationships.”

Photo verification is an oft complained-about issue with online dating, and considering the feature is optional, it will be interesting to see how Zoosk members react to its introduction.

Zoosk will obviously be hoping they react positively and the feature grows natively through the site – photo verification becoming a badge of trust amongst members.

However even if growth is not so quick, by offering incentives to current users, and promoting the feature to new sign ups, Zoosk could gradually push photo-verified profiles towards the majority.

While the feature will not wipe out the threat of scammers and spurious profiles, if it becomes pervasive enough on the site, it might make people think twice before interacting, and trusting, unverified profiles.

Either way – it is a step in the right direction for the industry.

This photo verification system launches today, and is supported on all iOS devices, with Android to follow in the next few months.