6pm is Peak Hour For Mobile Dating



Mobile dating app usage peaks at 6pm as people browse through lots of profile photos, according to a new report.

The data comes from software company Citrix, who have tracked and analysed mobile data usage of people in their business and personal lives.

The report says that for dating apps, 6pm is the peak hour for mobile dating traffic – and this is powered by users browsing many images.

On iOS, over 61% of mobile dating data traffic was from images, with 29% coming from mobile web, 5% from apps, and 5% from videos.

It was even higher on Android, images accounting for 75% of dating traffic, 12% for mobile web, 12% for apps and just 1% for video.

Their Mobile Analytics Report also found that those using the iPhone 6 Plus consumed twice the amount of data than those using the iPhone 6.

Citrix discovered this by analysing consumer and business mobility data from a global cross-section of Citrix customers.

The report also found mobile subscribers were accessing more than double the amount of sports video content on mobile – rising from 21% in Q3 2014, to 50% in Q1 2015.

And in general, a mobile user was engaged for 4.6 minutes at a time.

Read the full report here.