Facebook Assert Their Social Login Dominance

Facebook still dominate the social login world, according to a report by Gigya.

Since the last quarter, Facebook has widened the gap in becoming the leading identity provider on the web.

This increase continued as Facebook announced new security measures for social logins – which will let users choose which information they share.

They also introduced Anonymous login, which is still in a beta mode.

Such changes may have helped the perception of Facebook as a login tool.

Facebook now handles 55% of all social logins, up from 51% in the January to March period.

Their mobile login percentage increased from 62% to 64%.

The social network also increased their scope internationally, asserting their dominance in Europe, South America and Africa.

Google’s place as the number two identity provider remained firm – despite dropping a percentage point – with Yahoo continuing their decline.

See the full results in Gigya’s infographic: