Tinder User Survey Shows Chat Aspirations


Last month, Tinder released their first deviation away from dating, with photo-sharing feature Moments.

Moments lets Tinder users share ephemeral pictures with all their existing matches.

The feature was designed to reconnect users with matches they might’ve forgotten about, and add a more social and sharing element to the app.

The Wire has got access to some market research sent to a select group of Tinder users, asking about their experiences of Moments, and how often they use it.

However the line of questioning mostly centres around whether they would use Tinder as an app to chat with their friends.

This is seen with questions like: “I would not use Tinder to chat with my friends”, and “I would match with my friends also using Tinder for the purpose of chatting and sharing moments with them.”

Tinder has always had aspirations of being more than a dating app, and with Moments it seems they were testing the waters of becoming a chatting and sharing app for everyone, not just potential dates or hookups.

The success of this move is so far unknown, as Tinder have released no numbers about how Moments has performed since its launch.

Check out the questions below: