In-Demand Lesbian App Her Launches Across US


Her, the queer dating app for women, has announced plans to launch across the United States as demand for the app continues to grow.

In March, the female-focused LGBT app rebranded from Dattch to Her, revamping the app’s strategy, design and focus.

Since launching in 2013 in London, Her has consistently expanded across the US – launching in seven major cities, including San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles.

However the company has now decided to launch the app nationwide, as interest from women around the US continues to grow – hitting over 5,000 requests in many cities.

We spoke to CEO & founder Robyn Exton about why they made this decision, she said:

“We’d hit a really high demand level across the whole country – with requests tripling in the past two months, so it felt like it was time to open up everywhere.”

Her is currently live in the both the UK and USA, but the company is focusing on its US expansion at the moment.

Exton and Her’s story was recently part of a Channel 4 program called How To Be A Young Billionaire, in which the young CEO travelled to America attempting to raise $1m in funding to keep the company afloat.


In March, the app rebranded from Dattch, turning the app into more of a lesbian community, changing the way users interact and adding a strong events model — giving users info on local community events, news and blogs.

The Her rebrand also added an interesting liking feature – letting users like any detail on someone’s profile, so they can connect over specific interests and things in common.

Speaking about the transition, Exton said: “It’s been good! We haven’t had any negative feedback towards the change and I think everyone has taken it on board pretty well. I think Her makes more sense, is easier to understand and is much better at representing our community. 

“We’ve made a lot of product changes over the past few months, particularly with the Feed. We now list events in every community and users share the best LGBT links and content. It’s a great example of a community area, with people chatting about content and using it to meet each other.”

Earlier in the year, Her also raised $1m in funding from investors including Bebo founder Michael Birch, Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, and Huddle co-founder Andy McLoughlin.

For the coming year, Her is focusing on building the product, specifically around improving the social elements.

The company also plans to launch the app in new markets Canada and Australia.

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