Bumpurr Files Patent To Integrate GPS Technology With Clothing Brand

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A new location-based dating app plans to become the first service to use wearables to connect online daters with offline non-members.

Bumpurr has recently filed a Provisional Patent Application for its wearable offline GPS indicator technology in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The indicator will be integrated into its very own streetwear and accessories collections, embedding the technology using an offline GPS transmitter logo.

With this technology, Bumpurr hopes to offer a larger potential suitors for its users than most existing location-based dating apps, by instantly connecting offline non-members to online member profiles.

Speaking about the app’s GPS technology, Bumpurr founder Jet Wintzer said: “Bumpurr will offer a streetwear clothing and accessories line embedded with our unique offline GPS transmitter logo.

“When a member of the Bumpurr community wears a product embedded with the logo – while logged into the app on their GPS enabled mobile phone – the logo transforms the online digital GPS beacon emitting from the user’s handset into an offline GPS indicator.”

This revolutionary feature will be available alongside a variety of standard location-based dating app features.

For example, like most dating apps, users are able to browse through profiles of members logged on nearby, and can engage in chats with matches on the app itself.

Once two users are matched on Bumpurr, its Eye Contact feature automatically opens alongside a messaging chat.

The Bumpurr Eye Contact allows for a sixty second window of silent live video, where two users can have a “true eye-to-eye experience”.

The new app is set to launch in 2016.

Find out more about the app here and here.