Hawaiian Politician’s Tinder Campaign Backfires

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Tinder has now become a popular advertising stream for companies to use for promoting new products and running campaigns.

However, one recent Tinder campaign run by a Hawaiian politician has backfired.

Greggor Ilagan, a 29-year-old councilman running for District 2 Hawaii State Senate made an account on the app in a bid to chat with potential voters.

His profile read: “Hey you! Help me make a positive difference in our community. Swipe right and let’s talk.

“I bet we can find common ground on issues and make a positive impact around us. Swipe right and let’s get to know each other.”

However, after matching with other individuals on the app, Ilagan soon realised that people were more interested in going on a date with him than his actual campaign, despite many attempts at getting them to chat about his ideas.

Ilagan has now deleted Tinder from his phone, and has spoken out about how he was hit on by other male users when trying to discuss his campaign.

He said: “I thought the one-on-one interaction would be great, but it just leads to other things. Now I know why people don’t campaign on it.

“Tinder just has a different environment and different expectation. I learned the hard way.”

Danielle White

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