Dating Apps Are Not Creating Hook-Up Culture, Says Study

matchDespite the rising popularity of mobile dating apps in recent years, new research from says the “three-date rule” still holds true for most singles in the UK.

Britons wait an average of 3.6 dates before even considering sleeping with a partner, with that figure increasing to 4.3 dates among British women.

The study, conducted by TNS on behalf of, interviewed 1,753 singles from the UK, along with people from seven European countries.

The study also found the figures varied depending on the location within the UK.

On average, 39% of Britons have had sex on a first date, with Scots most likely to do so (46%), and the Welsh least likely (32%).


In comparison to other European countries, Brits were more conservative in their views.

Singles in Denmark and Spain were found to be the most liberal in how many dates they waited.

Danes averaged just 2.9 dates before spending the night together, while 43% said they had had sex on a first date in the past.

Spaniards were more likely to sleep with someone on a first date (47%), but averaged 3.1 dates.

Kate Taylor, dating and relationship expert at, said: “These findings show that, far from creating a ‘hook-up’ culture, dating apps are simply making it easier than ever for young singles to meet one another.”

“Modern daters are empowered enough to make their own decisions about when they sleep with a new partner, whether it happens after date one or on the wedding night. Sex is an important part of dating for many people, but it’s by no means the be all and end all.”

Megan Oliver

Megan is an Editorial Intern with Global Dating Insights. Originally from Washington, D.C., she is spending her spring semester in London learning about British life and culture - and how to make the perfect cup of tea!

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