How Many Badoo Users Pay For Dating Sites?


UK research company Global Web Index have taken a look at Badoo, and if their users pay to use dating sites.

Their data follows on from GWI’s research into online dating, that claimed 42% of Tinder users were in a relationship.

In addition to making this claim – which was strongly denied by Tinder – the company also looked at Tinder’s user base in comparison to other online dating sites.

In the study, published in May, the research company found that Tinder was being used by 1% of global internet users on a monthly basis.

As a total category, location-based dating apps were used by 6% of internet users.

And regarding Badoo, they found that 8% had used Badoo in the past month.


Now taking a closer look at the dating and social app, launched back in 2006, they have found that 18% of Badoo users paid for an online dating service in the last month.

They also break down what devices these consumers are using to access these sites.

Check out the chart below: