Zoosk Study Explores The Relationship Between Dating and Politics


Although dating sites rarely tend to cross paths with politics, the recent hysteria about the presidential campaigns across the US has led one dating site to look more closely into the relationship between politics and dating.

Inspired by the buzz around Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, online dating site Zoosk surveyed singles about their reactions “when dating and politics collide.”

The popular dating site surveyed 4,424 singles about their preferred way to engage in political conversation with their dates, and revealed some very interesting results.

Although politics is often passed off as an “inappropriate” topic to discuss on a date, 77 percent of those surveyed said they would engage in a lengthy conversation about Trump’s campaign for president if their date brought up the subject.

A further 17 percent of participants disagree, saying they would “run in the opposite direction” if a date were to bring up the particular political campaign – with females being twice as likely to run.

The survey also found that women place higher importance on politics than men.

Women were 20 percent more likely to answer “very important” or “somewhat important” when questioned about how important it is to state a party political association in an online profile or during an opening conversation.

Zoosk found that younger men were more likely to have changed their political beliefs as a result of a “significant other’s” influence.

This age group also appeared to be more objective about politics in dating, revealing that they are more open-minded about dating across party political lines.

Participants above the age of 24 were 20 percent more likely to “admit that an individual’s political party affiliation has kept them from initiating a conversation, even if they were originally attracted to that person.”

In total, 75 percent of those surveyed admitted to dating across party political lines.

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