Study Reveals Worst US Cities for Online Dating, the auction dating site, has published a study of the worst cities for online dating in the US.

They asked 1000 singles from major US cities for their satisfaction levels towards online dating.

The study found 38.5% of singles were satisfied, with women’s happiness levels 14% higher than the national average, and men’s 32% higher. 

Brandon Wade, Founder and CEO of, said: “Online dating success is based on instant gratification.

“Satisfaction for each city is dictated on the amount of messages received per week, the average correspondence time, and the ratio of accepted first dates.”

And using these factors they ranked the top 10 worst cities to date in the US, according to most dissatisfied singles per 1000:

1.                 St. Louis, MO – 67%
2.                 Washington, D.C. — 66.3%
3.                 Columbus, OH — 63.9%
4.                 Scottsdale, AZ — 61.3%
5.                 Philadelphia, PA — 59%
6.                 Milwaukee, WI — 58.6%
7.                 Newark, NJ — 55.6%
8.                 San Bernardino, CA — 55.5%
9.                 San Antonio, TX — 52.2%
10.                Saint Paul, MN — 50.5% is a dating site that lets their “generous members” bid for dates with the “attractive members”.

Compared to eBay by its founder, the site launched amid unsurprising controversy in 2010, and has now amassed over 650,000 members.