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Moment Woman Realises Girlfriend She Met On Tinder Can Save Her Life


One young woman could not have predicted how much meeting her girlfriend on dating app Tinder would change her life.

Alana Duran, a long-time sufferer of lupus, has been waiting four years to find a donor after her kidneys failed.

And with her family all failing to match as a donor, her girlfriend Lori, who she met on Tinder, decided to get tested, in the hope that she would be able to donate her kidney.

After finding out she was a match, Lori filmed the moment she surprised Alana with the incredible news.

A tearful Alana then posted the video online, seeing a huge response on social media, with the video getting 104,249 views to date.

The video was accompanied with a message, saying: “Who knew that when we both swiped right on Tinder that day, that we would be more than just girlfriends but that she would be my kidney donor!

“It’s so funny how things work out. Both of us going into this relationship not expecting anything out of the ordinary.

“It’s just so amazing to me that she was willing to get tested and now she’s super excited to donate one of her kidneys to me.

“Lori, I love you so much and I’m so excited that we get to do this together. You’re the absolute best.”

Watch the full video below:

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