Google Spent $25m On Entire .App Domain


The second piece of interesting Google news today is the story that the tech giant has paid $25m for the entire .app domain.

The company bought it from ICANN, who control the world’s domain names and have been auctioning off new domain endings over the past year.

Business Insider reports the company applied for a large number of new top-level domains in 2012, after ICANN decided to expand the range.

These included .google, .youtube, .buy, .web and .app.


And Google has won the auction for .app, with a huge $25m offer.

DomainNameWire said three bidders were willing to pay $19.4m for the domain, with the last round starting at $24.3m, with just Google and another unnamed bidder.

Previous domain auctions have seen Amazon win .buy for $5m and Dot Tech spending $6.7m on .tech.

Simon Edmunds

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