Dr. Wendy Walsh Talks About Instant Chemistry’s DNA Dating on BBC 5Live

This morning, Instant Chemistry consultant Dr. Wendy Walsh appeared on BBC 5Live, speaking about the Canadian company’s DNA dating tests.

Walsh speaks about their new $199 couples test kit, which uses cheek swabs and psychological tests to check the genetic and personality compatibility of couples.

The Toronto-based biotech company launched last year, and began by partnering with Canadian matchmaking services, offering clients a DNA test as an extra compatibility tool.

At iDate Las Vegas, Instant Chemistry co-founder Sara Seabrooke told us that they are working on a cheaper pregnancy test-style kit, which Walsh spoke about on 5Live, revealing that they are planning to fuse it with a location-based app.

Walsh said: 

“We’re in the process of creating an instant read – almost like a home pregnancy test – saliva test, that we’re calling a stir stick, and that will be connected with an app that will use GPS and people will be able to find people in their vicinity who are a good match, DNA wise, for them.”

Dr. Wendy Walsh is a US relationship expert and author, who regularly appears on CNN, Fox and MSNBC and is currently a consultant for Instant Chemistry.

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