Setipe Is For Embarrassed Indonesian Daters


An Indonesian dating site called Setipe gives users anonymity until they are matched together.

The site launched last January, and has reached around 50,000 users.

Setipe founders Razi Thalib and Kevin Aluwi created the site specifically for the Indonesian market, taking into consideration social stigma towards online dating.

Setipe say:

“We in Indonesia love sharing on social media but when it comes to admitting using the net to find a partner we prefer to keep things private. We are also new to online services with a specific objective so we need a period of adjustment.”

Part of their marketing is in recognition of this embarrassment in Indonesia, their site coming with the tagline: “Want to try online dating but embarrassed if your friends find out? You will be matched privately at Setipe. Only you and your match will know.”

Every new member has to complete a psychological test created by clinical psychologists who then give a personality report.

Setipe then introduces compatible members who are compatible, sending them both their match’s profile, as well as a compatibility report.

They can either start chatting, or the dismiss the profile and can be matched with another members.

Setipe does not have a monetisation strategy yet, but it has recently received a new round of funding from anonymous angel investors.

Thalib said that the funding will allow the team to improve the product, hire more personnel and develop a marketing campaign.

Visit the site here.