Former Meetic CEO Joins Furniture Store


Former CEO of Meetic, Philippe Chainieux, has become the Managing Director of furniture store

Philippe was CEO of Meetic, the huge dating site which acquired’s European operations in 2009.

He steered the company from start-up to it being listing on the French Stock Market.

It had a revenue of over 169m in 2012, across 15 markets. 

IAC, the company that owns, announced on Wednesday they were increasing their stake in Meetic from 80.5% to 87.5% by buying the remaining shares of co-founder Marc Simoncini.

And now Philippe Chainieux joins London-based furniture retailer as they begin their expansion into Europe – announcing plans to launch in Italy. connects users directly with furniture designers, cutting out the middleman and therefore providing designer furniture at a reasonable price. 

Philippe said: “It’s an incredibly exciting time to join as it reaches a pivotal part in its development. 

“Vertically integrated commerce is an attractive retail model with many consumer benefits and we look forward to introducing them to new markets around the world.”

Ning Li, co-founder and CEO of, said: “It’s brilliant to have a talent like Philippe at the helm.”

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