eHarmony Move To LA After ‘Best Period’ Of Growth In History


eHarmony has today officially moved its headquarters from Santa Monica to Los Angeles.

This comes after a spell CEO & founder Dr. Neil Clark Warren described as the best period of growth in the company’s history.

The dating business is leaving its current base on Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica – which has been its home for five years – to take up space on 10900 Wilshire Blvd, Westwood.

eHarmony will take the top four floors – around 50,000 square feet – which will accommodate around 200 workers, with room for 300.

Dr. Warren said: “Never in the history of eHarmony has there been a sustained period of growth that could match this one.

“Our teams, from marketing to IT, public relations to user experience, both internationally and domestically, have leveraged every resource at their disposal, capturing new market share from users disappointed on other sites as well as new interest in the space driven by the ongoing popularity and ubiquity of social networking.”

In March, Warren announced eHarmony’s revenues had risen to an all time high, totalling over $275m.

Since his return, eHarmony streamlined its advertising costs and changed its campaigns to feature Dr. Warren again.

In February, the company revealed plans to open in a new market every quarter, building cost effective, region-specific versions of eHarmony for each new country.

eHarmony also said it would release its long-delayed job matching service, Elevated Careers, in March, but all has been quiet on this front since then.

COO Armen Avedissian said: “There are few turnaround stories like eHarmony on the books. By staying true to its mission and brand DNA, eHarmony has recaptured the magic that it had in earlier years.

“Today, eHarmony is bringing more people together than ever before — the last stop for online daters that gives them the experience and the soul mate they were hoping for.

“Because we are a high-growth company, it was necessary to move headquarters, one of the best problems to have.”

The company also revealed it has reached the milestone of 66m global users.

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