China Starts Work On Citizen Ranking System, As Dating Site Promotes Trustworthy Users

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China’s largest matchmaking service Baihe has teamed up with an online credit score provider to help promote its clients who have a good credit score.

The site has joined forces with Sesame Credit, a freemium credit score tool that tracks “financial and consumption activities” of users, to select clients that are eligible for the best spots on its website.

This development follows an announcement from the Chinese government, who said it is building a “social credit” system designed to rate each citizen’s trustworthiness, by evaluating certain personal traits.

According to the BBC, the government has said that by 2020, everyone in China will be registered in a national database that generates a single number ranking for each citizen.

Following the news, an increasing number of Baihe’s users are displaying their credit scores in their dating profiles.

Speaking about the new system, Baihe’s vice president Zhuang Yirong said: “A person’s appearance is very important, but it’s more important to be able make a living. Your partner’s fortune guarantees a comfortable life.”

Find out more about the country’s new “social credit” system here.